Split Type Systems

Why trust FRIAX

Wine specialists in many countries were demanding climatisation systems especially designed for wine storage.

Systems that guarantee:

• stable and correct temperature level

• stable and correct humidity levels

• accurate electronic control

• absence of vibrations

• reliable, efficient and economic operation 

Experience and Dedication

Friax Industry, benefiting from its expertise in the treatment of air and refrigeration, has set standards that are considered to be the highest in the industry.

In FRIAX, the engineers are dedicated to design the best systems. In combination with their pation for wine they produced a unique range of air-conditioning systems that are oriented exclusively to be used in wine cellars and displays.

Split and Monobloc Systems



Why Friax

Quality and Reliability

Every single component used in the production of FRIAX units is selected carefully in order to satisfy the factory's high standards for lifelong service, efficiency and economy.

We feel confident that we can provide a solution to every project that includes a wine storage space. Be it a cellar in a restaurant, in a wine bar, in a hotel or in the house. From the smallest space under a staircase, up to the largest basement.

You can Trust FRIAX

Select the suitable FRIAX System and rest assured that your wines will come to maturity and perfection under ideal storage conditions.





Quick Guide to FRIAX Split Type Systems

7 different capacities:

Model SPC25 SPC30 SPC48 SPC82 SPC122 SPC170 SPC230
Cooling Watts 680 780 1100 1550 2200 2900 3500
Heating Watts 500 850 850 850 1000 1500 2000

Further down on this page we present the different Evaporator types that come in the Split Type range.


External Condensing Unit


The External Condensing Unit (ECU) made from epoxy coated galvanized steel sheet body. Noise absorbers are fitted as stanard. High and Low Pressure controls. Condensing pressure variable speed controller. Pre-loaded with R404.

The ECU can operate with any of the Evaporators below. The choice of the type of Evaporator depends on the specific requirements of each wine cellar or wine display cabinet. 

SPC USI Ceiling Evaporator




This type of evaporator is installed on the ceiling of the cellar and is visible from inside the cellar. It has easy access for maintenance.

SPC EVG Ducted Evaporator



EVG Evaporator is installed inside the false ceiling above the cellar and insulated flexible ducts are used to connect the evaporator to grills on the cellar ceiling. From inside the cellar is invisible. Access to the false ceiling has to be provided for maintenance.

EVA Evaporator for Custom Made Cabinets



This type of evaporator is used in custom made cabinets. It requires only 40cm depth and can be installed either at the bottom or at the top of the cabinet. 


SPC USI Wall Evaporator

SPC Mural Evaporator

By using the KPM optional kit all the range of SPC Ceiling Evaporators can be placed vertically on the inner wall of the cellar.

SPC EVI Ducted Evaporator


EVI Evaporator is installed in cellars where the grills through which the air circulates are placed on the wall instead on the ceiling. From inside the cellar this evaporator is invisible. Access has to be provided for maintenance. 

Split Type Systems

Technical Details

SPC Range:







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Option1: Humidifier




 Available as an option for all models for the accurate regulation of humidity in the cellar. It requires a water mains supply with max pressure 2.5 bars. 

Option2: Remote Control



 All FRIAX split type models can have a Radio Frequency Remote Control as an option, except for the Monobloc MPC models for which it it is a standard.

Radio frequency wireless remote
. Temperature display
. Humidity display (When HGR% option)
. Alarm display
. Time display
. Defrost display
. Fan speed display (EC motor only)
. Mode display (Hot or Cold)
. Humidification display (When HGR% option)
. Condensation temperature display
. LCD display with backlight
. Keyboard for control and intervention
. LR03 AAA battery power
. Installation inside or outside the cellar